Use Tips From Improv to Improve Your Public Speaking

Going to an improv show can be hilarious and a lot of fun, and it’s absolutely on the list of team night activities for Carthage Management Group It can also be a great place to pick up a few tips that will improve your public speaking. After all, improv artists are getting up there in front of crowds and trying to be funny without any pre-planned lines. Here are just a few things you can learn from practicing, or just observing, improvisation artists at play:

  • Confidence: Standing on stage, not knowing what your next line is, should be scary, but in fact, it gives you the liberty to just have fun. Sometimes a smile and making an effort is all it takes to get you right on track, so be confident your speech will be fine.
  • Preparation: There may not be a prepared script, but there is generally a plan and an outline of the appropriate direction. There’s a lot of thought that goes into improv, even if what comes out in the moment is completely spontaneous and hilarious. Carthage Management Group associates know that the more you prepare and practice, the better you’ll do.
  • Support Others: A key rule in improv is to agree with the other person and then elaborate on what they’re saying. So, if you’re on a panel or presenting as a group, try to build on what others around you are saying. Doing this makes the entire group stronger.

Improv is not only good for a laugh, it’s good for building confidence when speaking in front of a crowd. Whether you’re on stage or just enjoying the show, think about what you can learn and how you can apply it to professional presentations. For more suggestions, follow Carthage Management Group on Twitter.