Top Producers Prepare to Unwind in the Dominican Republic

Travel is an important part of our operations, and we’re excited to announce the destination of our next Carthage Management Group business trip: the Dominican Republic! Each year, hand-selected team members are invited to an all-expenses-paid weekend in a tropical getaway, and this is the locale we’ve chosen. This is a chance for us to reward those who have invested their time and effort into helping our company succeed.

We call it our rest and relaxation retreat, and it’s just one of the chances to travel we share with our associates throughout the year. We also attend conferences, cross-train at other offices, and even scope out new markets for expansion. All of these allow us to recognize those who have committed themselves to our firm’s mission, and they give our executives a chance to see the world together as well.

The bonds that come out of these trips are foundational to the Carthage Management Group office environment. When executives travel together, they get to know one another outside of their professional roles and titles. When we come back to the workplace, we’re more than just colleagues – we’re friends, and those connections increase both communication and camaraderie.

The R&R lets our team members rest and relax away from the office in a beautiful locale. It’s something we look forward to each year and we can’t wait to make new memories with our team. To see content from the event, follow Carthage Management Group on Twitter.