It’s That Time of Year: March Madness!

We’re always looking for ways to have fun at the Carthage Management Group office, and spring’s arrival delivers one of our favorite team-building activities: March Madness! Not only are we basketball fans, but we run our own version of the famed contest.

This was a way for our associates to compete with one another and win some terrific prizes, including a thrilling grand prize: a new television. The winner was chosen based on their performance, including the consistency of their results, and also on their positive attitudes. We’re a competitive group by nature, and we appreciate how contests help us sharpen our abilities and push ourselves to achieve our potential.

To keep our in-office contests lighthearted, we follow a few Carthage Management Group guidelines. For one thing, we remind ourselves that no matter what we’re competing for, it’s just a game. While it feels good to win, we should also see these challenges as ways to sharpen our skills while encouraging one another to grow. By keeping a long-term perspective on our careers and the bonds we’ve built with our colleagues, we don’t get too caught up in the short-term victories.

There are other rules we remind each other of as well, and these make sure that we get maximum value out of contests while coming closer together as a crew. Like Carthage Management Group on Facebook to learn more.