Spotlight on Jeremy and His Excellent Work

One of the most exciting things about working for Carthage Management Group is our people know there’s only one direction to go if they work hard – up! Right now, Jeremy is going full throttle as he approaches his next promotion milestone into field manager.

When it comes to competitive spirit, Jeremy defines it by maintaining his tenacious mind-set. He strives for wins in all that he does, whether it’s learning a new skill or netting results for our national service partners. He’s driven in all the right ways, which is evident in the outcomes he’s achieved.

But more than just scoring victories for himself, Jeremy wants everyone else around him to succeed as well. He has a positive effect on people because he’s willing to lend a helping hand. We see Jeremy motivating others to go further as well, stepping into a coaching role as he trains and develops his fellow associates.

It’s important to note that the traits Jeremy exhibits are also those that we look for when we seek to add to Team Carthage Management Group. Everyone here was hired because they demonstrated that they want something more out of their careers – and they knew we could help them develop professionally, provided they brought the spunk needed to thrive.

We’re looking forward to seeing Jeremy reach his next milestone and advance with us. Check out Carthage Management Group’s Newswire for updates on all of our team members’ growth.