Recognizing Jeremy for Advancing to Assistant Manager

One of the many great features of working at Carthage Management Group is that we promote from within. By doing so, we make sure our ambitious team members have room to grow in our company, and it also gives us a way to recognize those who embrace our company’s mission and values. That said, we’re excited to spotlight Jeremy for earning his way to the assistant manager position.

According to Zack, President of Carthage Management Group, “Jeremy is a complete go-getter who consistently goes above and beyond. He truly invests in his team. Jeremy is always the first one in, and the last one out. He leads from the front and sets the pace. He’s also extremely organized and has everything locked down, plus his ability to communicate is second to none.”

When it comes to developing leaders like Jeremy, there are some guidelines we find helpful. For instance, we strive to show everyone on our team all the opportunities that exist both with our firm and in our industry. This creates big-picture thinking in our associates that helps them set personally relevant goals and move their careers forward.

Jeremy has definitely embraced this lesson and has consistently worked his way from entry level to leadership since joining our firm. Check out our Carthage Management Group Newswire feed to see whose achievements we recognize next.