Quick Ways to Shine in Your Professional Network

What sets great networkers apart from the rest? According to what we’ve been learning in our Carthage Management Group office, it’s all about their mind-sets and how they approach building their people portfolio of contacts. Here are some practices we’ve noted can have a great impact:

  • Do Someone a Solid: One of our Carthage Management Group mottos is to always give more than we take. We believe that in a professional relationship, it’s important to be of value to others, sharing information, or simply be a resource. Not every transaction is going to be equal. However, when we seek to build our credibility by being of service to others, our connections will remember us fondly.
  • Create Key Connections Between Contacts: One of the ways to bolster our own professional networks is to introduce two connections who could benefit from meeting with each other. The key is to listen to what others have to say, identify their needs, and bring people together who can mutually help one another.
  • Be Brave and Meet Others: A lesson we impart in our Carthage Management Group training program is every friend was once a stranger. Relationships start somewhere. Therefore, it’s key to have ice breakers ready to strike up a conversation. It doesn’t have to be a formal event, either. Even a casual meeting in line can lead to a fruitful addition to our networks.

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