Putting Travel Tips to Use for Our Dallas Conference

The Carthage Management Group travel program takes us far and wide. One month we might visit another high-performing office for cross-training, while another sees us lounging poolside at a tropical resort for a rest and relaxation retreat. Most recently though, top producers spent a weekend learning from the best of the best in our industry.

“Our team had the chance to visit Dallas, Texas last month for a networking and leadership conference,” shared Zack, President of Carthage Management Group. “We were able to take four of our top achievers – Mike, Jessica, Dylan, and Nick. They had the chance to connect with and learn from very successful people in the field of customer acquisitions. It was a very exciting, fast-paced weekend where we took in a lot of information in a short amount of time.”

Trips occur frequently enough that we’ve come up with some guidelines to help our people maximize the enjoyment of their travel opps. For instance, here’s a simple one that can be a true lifesaver: carry snacks. Even if it’s only a day trip, having healthy food options readily available can make a real impact on our alertness levels and general positive attitude.

We have many more tips available, all of which came in handy for our Dallas excursion. Check out our Carthage Management Group Newswire feed for more of our travel advice, and also to see content from our journeys.