Primer for Capitalizing on Strengths for Career Success

Almost any successful person is where he or she is at because of one factor. The person knew their strengths, nurtured them, and capitalized on them. In our Carthage Management Group coaching program, we seek to help our people uncover their talents and make the most of them in their careers. Here is a three-point strategy that we use:

  • Know Your Talents: The first step is to identify our strengths. During our Carthage Management Group training process, we encourage our associates to understand their individual talents and passions. By knowing what we’re good at, combined with what we enjoy doing, we establish paths to satisfying careers.
  • Invest in Strengths: Our Carthage Management Group professional development philosophy is built on investing in our people. We provide them with the resources to better themselves and grow. We use coaching, formal and informal learning opportunities, and other avenues to gain knowledge.
  • Leverage Strengths: Once we know our strengths and have honed them through practice and training, we need to take stock in opportunities to put these talents to good use. Even if our immediate positions do not afford us chances to test our newest skills, we can take on projects or even volunteer outside of the firm to gain more experience.

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