PRESS RELEASE: Carthage Management Group Is Punta Cana Bound!

BRAINTREE, MA – Two individuals from Carthage Management Group will be headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the annual R&R retreat November 15-18, 2018. The President announced who would be going and discussed why these trips are valuable.

“Our team at Carthage Management Group is excited to highlight our annual R&R to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!,” said Zack, the firm’s President. “Each year, we select a locale that we think our team will enjoy the most. This is a great travel opportunity to get out of Massachusetts and explore a new region with our team.”

Joining Zack on this year’s trip will be Carthage Management Group’s Assistant Manager, Nick, who will be going on the R&R adventure for the first time. As Zack noted, there’s more to this travel opportunity than downtime. “The R&R will not only consist of rest and relaxation but also networking, and an awards ceremony,” he shared.

Attending this retreat will be industry leaders from around the globe, each of whom will be happy to share their wisdom through keynote speeches and casual conversations alike. In addition to building connections, the capstone event is a celebration dinner in which top performers are recognized for their accomplishments throughout the year. For people who are new to the customer acquisitions field, these experiences are eye-opening as to how much potential and opportunity exists for their futures.

Carthage Management Group’s President on Why Rest and Relaxation Matters

Within the Carthage Management Group culture, R&R isn’t just reserved for one trip a year. As the President noted, it’s important to take time to periodically unwind as a team. He explained that fun events, whether they are trips or simply activities in the office or after work, have a positive impact on morale and productivity.

Since high-performing teams tend to be on-the-go, it’s vital to slow down once in a while and catch up on what has been successful, whether it’s a campaign that surpassed expectations or new processes that have streamlined operations. Laughter is another key component of these gatherings. When people are joyful, it releases endorphins that both boost energies and imprint good memories. In turn, team members are more apt to collaborate in the workplace, having shared a pleasant experience together.

As Zack noted, there are many ways to bring everyone together. In addition to travel, team nights that feature dinner or activities like bowling and laser tag evoke high spirits and plenty of enjoyment. Camaraderie and communication become stronger, which benefits not only the people who work for the firm, but customers and the companies they represent. As Zack concludes, the circle of success continues to cycle.

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