The Many Ways That Growth Benefits Our People

Team Carthage Management Group is excited to highlight the recent growth of our organization. We promoted several associates into management, which shows the advancement available to our executives.

Growth is very important to our people as it provides our hardest workers with many chances to develop as professionals, such as:

• Travel: As we increase our operations, we look for new markets in which to expand. This allows top producers to research new areas and then spend time acclimating to the different market and its needs. We also send our rising stars to other high-performing offices for cross-training as well.

• Networking: One of the ways success at Carthage Management Group is rewarded is with attendance at national seminars and leadership retreats with other high achievers in our industry. The connections that we make at such events keep us aware of the best practices being used in other markets, and give us access to the collective knowledge of many experienced professionals.

• Learning: When team members show they have mastered the skills of their current roles, they are given chances to take on more responsibilities. In this way, we are always working toward the next step in our career journeys.

We have grown so much as a team and a company this year, and we can’t wait to see what changes still await us as we enter the fourth quarter. Follow our progress by liking Carthage Management Group on Facebook.