Make Mastering a New Skill Easier

We’re all about learning in our Carthage Management Group office. One of the things we discuss is how we can improve our skills faster and absorb more knowledge. Here are three tips that can move the needle forward when it comes to professional development:

  • Objective: In our Carthage Management Group training model, goals are crucial. This practice applies to learning as well. We need to establish what we want to learn in terms of specific, measurable, and attainable objectives. When we articulate our plan, we’re better able to visualize the route to success.
  • Break Down What to Learn: When attaining a new skill is too broad, we are less likely to work on it because it’s overwhelming. Our Carthage Management Group coaching program helps our associates by breaking down the individual skills or areas in which we need to be proficient. We can then focus on each one itself, master it, and move on to the next.
  • Identify Obstacles: Too often, people fail to learn because they fail to know what is holding them back. We should review our objections to gaining new knowledge and address how we can either overcome or go around them in order to develop.

Learning is a fundamental part of our career experience. Follow us on Twitter to learn how else we’re improving ourselves as people and as professionals.