We make the most of every situation, and this includes commuting. We know not everyone finds it enjoyable, but these are some Carthage Management Group approaches for making commute time productive.

First, we are big fans of podcasts, and commuting is the perfect time to catch up on or keep up with the latest information. While there are innumerable options that help motivate and educate us, we also like to listen to podcasts that entertain us, or help us become better at a hobby or passion project.

Another way we use our Carthage Management Group commute opportunities effectively is to learn different languages. Even if we’re driving, and can’t take time to practice writing or engage with a digital learning tool, we can still listen to proper pronunciation and learn how to communicate. What’s more, studies show that those who know more than one language are more inclined toward outside-the-box thinking.

There’s something to be said for planning our day on the way to the office, and reflecting on the day’s work on the way home. The first helps us approach our work with purpose, and the second helps us learn and grow from our experiences.

Are you making the most of your commute? Do you have a strategy that we haven’t listed? To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter.