Kristin and Stephanie Represent at Santa Ana Conference

Team Carthage Management Group is excited to highlight a recent admin event in Santa Ana, California! Stephanie and Kristin were selected to attend, and had the chance to train, share best practices, and network with others who were once in the same position. The weekend ended with a sunset boat cruise, which was the perfect sendoff to an inspiring trip.

There are many chances to travel throughout the year for our team members. Some of these trips are weekend conferences like the Santa Ana trip, but others include exploring new markets for potential expansion or visiting other high-performing offices to cross-train. No matter the destination though, we always come back from these excursions with fresh energy and a renewed sense of determination to move our Carthage Management Group careers forward.

Another reason we’re such big fans of travel is because it gives us a chance to recognize our high achievers for their top-notch performance. There’s nothing like a weekend getaway on the company dime to make a team member feel appreciated – not to mention how good it feels to know that our leaders are willing to invest in our continued success.

We’re proud of Kristin and Stephanie for making the most of their Santa Ana trip. Follow Carthage Management Group on Twitter to see what they learned, and to find out where our next trip will take us.