Invest in Your Future Success Through Team Building

One of the things we’re best known for, outside of our outreach campaigns, is our commitment to team-building. We look for ways to create an exciting and inviting office that lets our associates achieve their personal goals while contributing to Carthage Management Group’s success. We’re very busy during the fourth quarter, so it’s all hands on deck for now, but soon we’ll be getting to enjoy each other’s company and commend one another on a tremendous 2017.

“I’m really excited for our upcoming holiday party, which will be held in Atlantic City this year,” shared Zack, Carthage Management Group’s President. “One aspect we are looking forward to is watching the awards ceremony. It’s always great to see others’ hard work noticed and rewarded. Another fun aspect of the holiday party is that it is a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund. The holiday party provides a chance to network and give back – two activities we really enjoy.”

While some leaders might not consider team-building valuable, we look at it as an investment in our success story. For example, when we have fun together, it increases the positive feelings that we equate with our careers, which in turn promotes higher levels of productivity and creativity. Fun group outings also generate loyalty with our current team members, and make us more attractive to those seeking careers.

There are many reasons we take team-building so seriously.

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