Highlighting Mike and His Special Talents

Perhaps the single reason why Team Carthage Management Group is successful isn’t the common traits and ambitions we share. It’s that our people come to us from diverse backgrounds and experiences, which add depth to our customer acquisition solutions. Case in point is Mike.

Our leadership team has deemed Mike a true up-and-comer to watch when it comes to how far he’ll go in his career with Carthage Management Group. He comes to us with a background in stand-up comedy. Now some might ask how an individual with aspirations to become a comedian could be an asset to a business focused on consulting and marketing. We’d like to share why we look for such unusual qualities in prospective associates.

As a comic, Mike has learned the techniques essential for grabbing an audience’s attention and keeping it. He’s been very successful in engaging with customers as he brings his natural wit and charm to each interaction and outreach campaign. Mike doesn’t limit that energy to presentations, though. His smarts and ability to engage with others on a meaningful basis have made him a leader within the Carthage Management Group office, too. Mike is a prime example of the type of person we can see having a bright future with our firm.

Of course, each of our associates brings something interesting to the table. We’re delighted to share their stories as often as possible. Follow us on Twitter for more profiles – and maybe a joke or two from Mike as well!