Guidelines for Highly Effective Public Speaking

Making presentations is a key part of Carthage Management Group, Inc.’s consulting and marketing services. Even for professionals not in the customer acquisition industry, public speaking is a powerful skill to master. Of course, many people would like to be more effective in front of audiences. Fortunately, a few simple guidelines can help with this.

More than anything, make a habit of taking time to practice and prepare. It is best to stay away from shortcuts if you want to deliver a great presentation. While you may not want to have a script you follow word for word, practicing enough to remember everything you want to say is essential. The ideal time split is 60 percent of your time creating the presentation and 40 percent practicing.

One of the most valuable guidelines we follow at Carthage Management Group, Inc. is to keep the message as clear as possible. Often, it is best to maintain a conversational speaking style. The first goal of all presenters should be to deliver an understandable talk. This can be more challenging than it sounds at first. So, skip the jargon and opt for simple language.

As you are getting ready for the presentation, select your outfit based on the audience and the event. The ideal wardrobe should project expertise while still fitting the feel of the setting. Learn more about presenting by liking Carthage Management Group, Inc. on Facebook.