We’re Growing! Come See Our New Office

When you’re good, things move fast, which is why Team Carthage Management Group is moving into a new office. As our President, Zack, noted, “As our team continues to grow and grow, it was only a matter of time before we outgrew our current office. And that time is now!”

For Carthage Management Group, expansion isn’t just about more space – it’s about adding on to the highly trained professionals who make success happen here each today. “The growth in our team not only provides opportunities for those already on here, but also those looking for a new career opportunity,” said Zack. “We are extremely passionate in developing our existing team as well as those who join us.”

How do we make growth more than just adding square footage? Here’s what we offer our people:

• Comprehensive Learning: From day one, incoming team members are on a forward trajectory toward the next role with our firm. They learn all they can about our business model, from campaign creation to running an office. We are thorough in our training program, which gives our people more room to advance.

• Coaching: Each new hire is paired with a seasoned pro, which means we keep our knowledge transfer in-house. Who better to learn from than someone who rose through the ranks, and knows every step along the way.

• Ongoing Education: We don’t stop at onboarding. Our associates learn at conferences, networking events, regional trainings, and more. We truly believe our experts’ continued growth is what fuels our success.

Expansions signify that our diligence and professionalism are impactful. Like Carthage Management Group on Facebook for highlights on our impressive educational approach.