What a Great Professional Development Program Can Do

Our Carthage Management Group customer acquisition campaigns are known for being innovative and effective. We know that the real power behind each great outreach initiative is our highly trained team. We excel because we have motivated individuals who seek to grow their careers with us.

“We’re excited to share the rapid growth and development opportunities that come with a career at Carthage Management Group,” said Zack, our President.

As Zack shared, we’ve recently hired more associates to help with the demand for our consulting and marketing services. “We’ve brought on some motivated, self-starting team members. We look forward to providing them with the professional development resources they’ll need to thrive.”

“Our Carthage Management Group learning environment is different from others. We focus on the person,” said Zack. “We assess our people’s strengths and weaknesses. From there, we immerse them in a hands-on training program. They gain the skills and knowledge they need to become business professionals.”

Our approach is team-driven. “We support each other each step of the way,” Zack stated. “Our collaborative culture empowers our people. Together, they share ideas and work toward common goals. We believe that each person has unlimited potential. If they’re motivated and willing to seize the opportunities we make available, they’re on course for a satisfying career with us.”

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