Goals Have Helped Justin Make an Impression

Goal setting is one of the foundational success skills we teach as part of our Carthage Management Group training program. We know that clearly defined objectives give us targets to aim for, and when set correctly they give us ways to measure our progress as well.

As an example of how noticeable it is when someone knows exactly what they want to achieve, we look at Justin. Justin is one of our newer team members whose performance has really stuck out to us. He maintains a consistent, high-energy pace and goes the extra mile.

“Justin is extremely self-motivated and is always working toward his goals,” stated Zack, President of Carthage Management Group. “He comes in early and stays late to make sure his work is done on time and well. He’s excited about learning too, and puts any feedback he receives to use right away. From day one, he’s set his sights on succeeding with our company, and he’s determined to make it happen.”

By having career paths mapped out for our entry-level executives that show them the way to move from first-day learning to executive leadership, we give ambitious professionals like Justin the foundations they need to grow. He doesn’t have to think about whether or not his energy is being directed properly; he knows exactly what success looks like in each position with our firm. He simply decides what he wants to achieve and by when, then he uses our comprehensive curriculum to fuel his career journey.

We’re excited to see Justin succeed, and he’s a model of what a goal-oriented person can achieve. Learn more about our talented crew by checking out our Carthage Management Group Newswire feed.