Get Your Audience to Act with These Tips

Presentations are parts of our model at Carthage Management Group. We have honed our public speaking skills to reach audiences and get them to act. Here are a few practices that bring customers from point A to point B quickly and easily:

Let Message Define Presentation

As we note during Carthage Management Group training, the more effective presentations are those that have clear and concise messages. Our audiences must follow the information we are presenting to take the actions we propose in our deliveries. Therefore, we need to make the messages the centerfolds of our speeches.

Add Value for the Audience

Another point we emphasize in our Carthage Management Group offices is to bring value to each initiative. In a presentation, we need to address the audience needs. We need to leave them with more knowledge or something tangible at the conclusion. This could include a benefit that the call to action might deliver. It could be something immediate, like a powerful tip they can use.

Strike an Emotional Balance

Audiences are generally limited in their attention spans. Therefore, we need to engage them. This means tapping into their emotions through anecdotes supported by facts, appropriate humor to keep them alert, and compelling reasons to act.

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