Get to Know Zack, an Admired Company President

Carthage Management Group is recognized as an industry frontrunner, and we have our company President to thank for it. As we express our gratitude for Zack, he discusses the experiences he gained and the lessons he learned along his professional journey.

According to Zack, “After working in the industry for a short number of years, I noticed there was a disconnect between businesses and the marketing agencies that serve them. I’ve come to understand that the value we can offer extends far beyond raising awareness and hitting targets. Instead, we have the chance to reach out to consumers and build relationships that push companies far ahead of their competition.”

“I’m especially pleased with the role of team development in the success of Carthage Management Group,” Zack continued. “As a former lacrosse player, captain, and coach, I understand the importance of team cohesion. A group that is well-bonded can perform any task under any condition. My passion resides in watching people come together and grow while they overcome obstacles and find solutions.”

Over the years, Zack has homed in on several core qualities that ensure progress. He embraces a strong work ethic, for instance, along with an unrelenting positive attitude. He also maintains commitments to nonstop learning and servant leadership. Communication is a top priority as well. Zack states, “The ability to communicate effectively is a transversal skill that can be used in any aspect of life. Whether it be to negotiate a new deal, manage a team, sell yourself on an interview, or even make new friends, knowing how to convey a message is vital.”

Zack is an admired leader who has a lot to share. For more on the ways he reaches for success, visit our Carthage Management Group Newswire.