Gain Inspiration From the Selfless Acts of Children

We want to do more than make a living; at Carthage Management Group, we strive to make a difference as well. Throughout the course of the year, we support many causes in the area because we know our success brings with it a chance to improve the world around us.

We’re not ones to toot our own horns though. In fact, Team Carthage Management Group would like to shine the spotlight on a few children who are making big changes in the world:

• Ella Tryon, “Help Me Color a Rainbow”: When Ella was six, she was hospitalized for a severe case of Celiac disease. She took comfort in coloring, but didn’t have access to a lot of crayons (due to her weak immune system, the hospital was concerned about infection). She and her parents decided to start a crayon drive for hospitalized children, and exceeded their goal of 10,000 boxes of crayons by 3,000, with 254 coloring books thrown in for good measure.

• Jaylen Arnold, “Jaylen’s Challenge”: Jaylen’s motor and vocal tics made him the focus of unwanted attention at a young age, but he decided not to let Tourette’s Syndrome get the best of him. At only eight, Jaylen began an anti-bullying campaign, which used donations to create wristbands, posters, books, and other educational material. Entertainers like Ellen DeGeneres and Leonardo DiCaprio have supported Jaylen’s cause.

When we read about the way these children are changing the world for the better, it motivates us to give even more.

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