Francesca and Kyle Are Setting the Pace for 2019

We appreciate the hard work and dedication our team members show, and we recognize each other whenever one of us (or more) hits a noteworthy personal or professional milestone. This month, we wanted to highlight Francesca and Kyle for proving that we made the right choice when we invited them to join Carthage Management Group.

“Kyle and Francesca are two of our newer account managers who have excelled tremendously in a short period of time,” explained Zack, President of Carthage Management Group. “Kyle has a great student mentality, is a hard worker, and is one of the first people in each day. Francesca always has a positive attitude – upbeat and enthusiastic. Both Kyle and Francesca are setting an example for the rest of the team and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish.”

We use a few guidelines when recognizing team members to make sure our gratitude comes across correctly. For example, we are consistent in what we recognize, because we want people to know exactly what excellence looks like. Clarity in expectations provides the best results.

At the same time, we shoot for a little inconsistency in the way we show our appreciation. When we say thank you, we want it to be fresh and exciting – our hard-working colleagues deserve no less.

Congratulations again to Francesca and Kyle for making such a big impression so quickly. Check out our Carthage Management Group Newswire feed to learn more about our recognition program.