Examples of Giving Back Fueling Business Success

Supporting our community is important to many of us around the Carthage Management Group, Inc. office. It has been a key part of our culture since we opened our doors. Of course, giving back can be a valuable experience for the givers. This is especially true for business teams. Here are some examples of supporting the community fueling companies’ success:

• Proof of Concept: Classform helps schools streamline their technology usage. The firm donated several robots to one of the largest school districts in the country. This functioned as a proof of concept and led to a major contract as a result.

Greater Visibility: We connect Carthage Management Group, Inc. with our local community by giving back. This was the experience for Doyin Ayeni, who donated time and expertise to her local area. This increased her visibility and led to an increase in business.

• Promoting Other Initiatives: DreamsCo started offering a free program as a way to help local business owners, artists, and performers grow their audiences and achieve their dreams. This led to an increase in demand for the company’s main service, the Dare to Dream Festival.

• Team Purpose: Sometimes giving back is at the core of the organization. The BlueRock Energy team created the Save the Skin Foundation to raise funds for skin cancer research. This gave the already philanthropic team an even stronger sense of purpose.

These examples all show how giving back can be good for business. To learn more, like Carthage Management Group, Inc. on Facebook.