Elements of Impactful Leadership Communication

We endeavor to foster the leadership potential of every Carthage Management Group, Inc. associate. One of the most important elements of leading is communication. Managing a team takes clarity, persuasiveness, and confidence. While there is a lot of nuance to great communication, remembering a few key elements can help you become more impactful:

Be Focused: When interacting with anyone on your team, give your undivided attention. This is a powerful way to make people feel more engaged. Additionally, it ensures that they always feel heard.

Listen, Then Talk: Again, paying close attention to what your team members are saying is an important habit. Whenever we communicate at Carthage Management Group, Inc., we follow the strategy of listening first, then talking.

Use Body Language: As you may well know, we express a lot with non-verbal cues. A big part of this is body language. Strive to be welcoming and engaged. This means an open stance and clearly paying attention to the conversation.

Tell Stories: Use narrative to make your messages more impactful. People connect on both an intellectual and emotional level with stories. So, using them can make your communication clearer and more effective. It also will help your team feel more connected to you.

These elements of communication help leaders be more impactful. Follow Carthage Management Group, Inc. on Twitter to find more on this topic.