Congratulating Nick on Earning Assistant Manager

Not only is recognition a value of our Carthage Management Group culture, we’ve made honoring achievement a part of our operational strategy as well. Our promotions, for example, are always internal, ensuring that those who embrace our company mission and training program will have room to grow in their careers with us.

Our most recent advancement put Nick into the assistant manager position. Nick is a passionate and motivated individual with big career goals. He’s a great worker, and he’s extremely goal oriented. He’s also a team player who knows how to work well with others. As a leader, the needs of his team are at least as important as his own. We are all looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes in his new role.

When it comes giving credit where credit is due, we make sure to follow some Carthage Management Group guidelines so that our efforts are as effective as possible. For instance, we strive to be fair, clear, and consistent in what we recognize and the way we do it. This sends a message throughout the organization that specific behaviors are always appreciated.

To learn more about our company’s recognition program, and to see who advances in his or her career next, like Carthage Management Group on Facebook. And congratulations again to Nick on his promotion: we’re sure there are many more accomplishments for him to look forward to in the future.