Celebrating the Holiday Season at Company Party

We were thrilled to mark the end of 2017 with our Carthage Management Group, Inc. team at an industry holiday party. This gathering was one of several events we have used to allow our people time to bond. Having a strong team is the key to success in the customer acquisition industry. So, we were proud to celebrate our associates and their achievements at the holiday party.

The event took place at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina. It included professionals from several other companies in our field. This year was our first time attending the annual party, so it was very exciting. It gave us a chance to network with others from our industry, including some very prominent figures. Hearing everyone’s different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives was great.

During the party there was an award ceremony. This involved recognizing leaders in our industry for their accomplishments during the year. It was humbling to see everyone’s hard work being recognized and rewarded at that level. Everyone fromCarthage Management Group, Inc. came away inspired to work hard and push for even more next year.

All in all, the party was a very fun time and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of our peers. We look forward to the gathering next year and, hopefully, seeing our achievements recognized. Discover more about Carthage Management Group, Inc.’s team activities by checking out our Newswire.