Carthage Management Group: Careers That Go Further

We’re expanding our talent base at Carthage Management Group. Ambitious individuals are welcome here. Everyone who joins our team quickly learns what it means to be part of our thriving firm. Our rewards and recognition opportunities set us apart.

Learn more about what we offer our people.

Learn and Grow with Carthage Management Group

Our high-energy learning experiences are keys to Carthage Management Group’s effective approach. From day one, our people are immersed in hands-on knowledge transfer. From strategy meetings to creative development to campaign launches, incoming associates learn our methods right away.

Our experienced managers make the real difference in our training. These pros serve as coaches who impart their lessons learned and best practices. Their guidance, support, and encouragement help advance our people down their career paths.

Our training includes:

  • Business 101 skills
  • Feedback-driven learning
  • Self-paced growth opportunities
  • Advancement based on merit

Working Together for Results

Carthage Management Group’s strength comes from our numbers. As a team, we collaborate to create solutions. We work toward common goals, while affording our people room to shine and grow professionally. Our energized workspace allows everyone to thrive.

Networking Opportunities

Meeting influential people is one of the advantages we offer our Carthage Management Group associates. We provide them ample ways to network and gain additional knowledge so that they can establish their professional profiles in the community and industry. Here are a few:

Connect With Industry Leaders

From community events to campaigns and more, our people are in contact with others who can help shape their careers.


We often engage in team volunteer activities to support local communities.

National Conferences and Trainings

Our executives attend leadership conferences and regional trainings, where they gain wisdom from others.


One of our favorite ways to recognize our hard-working executives is through travel adventures. We visit big cities and participate in tropical retreats, enjoying each other’s company.

Powerful Career Paths with Carthage Management Group

Be part of an energetic, determined team at Carthage Management Group. Apply online to learn why we’re leading the Wilmington region in customer engagement by sending a cover letter and resume to