Our Administrative Team Makes Our Success Possible

Recognition plays a big role in the way Carthage Management Group operates. We praise one another when we hit personal or professional milestones, but we also make sure to say thank you for the outstanding effort our people put into their work every day. This month, we wanted to give a shout-out to our admin team for all that they do to keep our firm running smoothly.

“Our admin team is composed of two motivated women: Stephanie and Allie” stated the President of Carthage Management Group, Zack. “Since March is International Women’s Month, we felt it was the perfect time to highlight these amazing ladies.”

Zack then went on to discuss each administrator individually, saying, “Stephanie has really stepped into a leadership role with the team, and her motivation for success inspires us all. And Allie is an extremely hard worker and is zoned in as to what she needs to do to accomplish her goals – she is extremely goal-oriented.”

Allie, and Stephanie give 100 percent to their roles, and in doing so they contribute to our company’s success. They make very challenging jobs look easy. We appreciate them and all they do for our organization. Follow Carthage Management Group on Twitter to learn more about our world-class team members.