Understand How Your Work Impacts Others

A huge secret to motivation is understanding how what you do every day creates a positive impact on others and makes their jobs possible. When we have a clear idea of how our regular activities at Carthage Management Group make things possible for others, we know better how to perform our roles. This is one of the big reasons we like to promote from within, so our managers know exactly what our brand ambassadors are doing and thinking because they’ve learned these lessons already:

  • Motivation: Putting your work in context also helps with motivation. You see how others depend on what you do to get their jobs done. Understanding how the marketing department is using the pictures you take or seeing what the administrators are doing with the reports you turn in is important.
  • Collaboration: Seeing what others do teaches you to better collaborate with your colleagues because when you ask something of them or send them something, you have a clear idea of what they will do with it. For Carthage Management Group associates hoping to move into leadership, it also helps them get a better picture of how the business works as a whole.
  • Interaction: Ideas flow as you see what someone does with your projects. You may come up with ways to improve the process as a whole or creative new ways to move the business forward.

Taking a little time to better understand how others do their work and how your efforts combine can have multiple benefits. Take the time to listen, learn, and then apply. For more career advice, follow Carthage Management Group on Twitter.